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The fisheries have been now bought by Nigel and Jo Barber in May 2023.


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We have now been established since 1999, and with each new season, we go from strength to strength.

Thanks to our high standards, we enjoy many repeat visits year after year from happy clients. We are a family run fishery, focused on providing the best for our clients. With quality fishing and accommodation, you can be sure your fishing trip will be second to none.

The fishery consists of 3 lakes. The first 2 are: Lac Lucie, which is 3 acres and Kingfisher Lake which is 7 acres. The third is Lac Sans Nom, which is our stock pond, where we grow our new fish. 

Both Kingfisher Lake and Lac Lucie have their own luxury accommodation and private swimming pool. You have sole use of the Lake and facilities. Lac Lucie has a hot tub on the deck for private use. Kingfisher has shared use of a spa/hot tub (not adjacent to the chalet)

The chalets which sleep up to 6 people, come with everything that you will need, from Sky Satellite TV and a DVD player, to a dishwasher.

Carp France Fisheries made sharing a lake with other anglers (other than those in your own party) history long ago.

Chris Yates

Carp France Fisheries, was the first fishery in France to be endorsed by Chris Yates. It inspired him to write 'Cross Channel Carping' in which he wrote...

"...Well off the beaten track , well clear of the over–intensive carp circuit, these lovely pools each have the unique atmosphere, offering wonderful fishing, especially for the stalker and have the potential to make even your biggest landing net look small..."

Carp France Fishery also starred in the DVD 'Passport to Cat Fish' (French lakes edition).


We hope you enjoy our website and hope to meet you in the future.

Tight Lines


Nigel and Jo Barber
Carp France Fisheries

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Mobile France:+33 (0) 7 49 28 77 67
Mobile UK: +44 (0)7884 404 264

Lac Lucie Overview

View Carp France Lac Lucie
  • Area:    3 acres
  • Max lbs:68lbs.
  • Anglers:3 persons
  • Price:   £1200.00/wk.
  • Avg. lbs:  40lbs
  • Stock:  110
  • Rating: Moderate

Kingfisher Overview

Kingfisher Lake
  • Area:7 acres
  • Max lbs:67lbs.
  • Anglers:5 persons
  • Prices from:£1400.00/wk.
  • Avg. lbs:38lbs.
  • Stock:150
  • Rating:Moderate